In the year 2014, I had a strange dream. I saw myself running into a dark area where there were evil spirits chasing me through a cemetery, wanting to hurt and kill me. While I was running, I saw a man wearing a white shining dress. I threw myself at his feet and he hugged me with love as if he was saying to me. ‘don’t be afraid’. I looked around me and it was very calm. Then I looked at his face and I said to myself I know this man. I was scared because I didn’t believe in him and I was very sure at that moment, because of the crown that he was wearing, that he was Jesus Christ. But he kept holding me until I was calm and then he disappeared. I woke up from this most wonderful dream and, at that moment, I made my decision to know Him more because I knew through that dream that He was the only truth, and He is my Savior.


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