28.09.2022 11:53

Christian media organizations

"Please pray for all the media organizations that are reaching the unreached people groups"

Prayed for this 6
28.09.2022 11:53

Pray for Iran

"Please pray for justice to prevail in Iran. Pray for them to know Jesus."

Prayed for this 7
19.09.2022 09:52

The Lord is my shephered

"Lord of mercy, O you hear the prayer, to you all men will come . Hear my prayer to save all converts from Islam to follow Christ, to save them from death penalty and release all under persecution safely, to support and sustain all who are in need, to be with always in Jesus name. Amen"

Zuhair Hanna
Prayed for this 23
16.09.2022 10:20

A Convert in Libya is facing a death sentence

"Pray For "Dia' Bala'o" as he was sentenced to death by the Libyan Court for the Crime of leaving Islam and following Jesus Christ Pray that our Lord would grant him courage and strengthen his faith facing that pure evil and injustice. "

MBB Global Team
Prayed for this 28

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