Rawan Jaber from Israel

I am an MBB from Jerusalem and came to the Lord through Christian tv.  You are the light and salt of the world!

Thank you to the program host for your amazing prayer today and thank you team for your hard work. Please keep my son in your prayers . The doctors said he wouldn’t live passed two years old… He is paralyzed , he breathes and eats through tubes, but praise God because today he is six years old.

I will keep on praying for you.

One thought on “Rawan Jaber from Israel

  1. Ann Jacob says:

    Father, Asking for healing in Jesus name for this precious child. Your word says if we ask in Faith never doubting It will be done so right now I believe she will receive for her child. Thank you for touching and healing in Jesus name Amen & Amen 🙏!

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