Prayer Requests

“Because, while walking in the flesh, we do not fight according to the flesh. Because the weapons of our militia are not carnal, but powerful in God, to destroy strongholds.”  2 Corinthians 10:3-4

  1. Pray for changes in laws and greater religious freedom.
  2. Pray for salvation among young Muslims.
  3. Pray for the manifestation of God’s power among Christians in the Islamic world, with signs and genuine testimonies of life, so that the Muslim can really question his faith and attain the revelation of the Son of God.
  4. Pray for protection for churches that gather in homes.
  5. In Arab countries where churches exist, it is generally forbidden for ex-Muslim brothers to enter church facilities. Generally, the pastors do not allow an ex-Muslim to attend meetings and services. Pastors do this because they know that receiving these people into their churches is a crime. So, to avoid legal problems, they simply prohibit our brothers from attending their churches. This is very difficult for those newly converted, because they’ve lost everything they had and now, in the new faith, they are not accepted. Before long, they feel abandoned and alone. Pray that the churches will have the courage to accept ex-Muslim brothers in their services, so they can have fellowship and understand and learn the Word of God.
  6. Pray in general for those who work in the field of Evangelism and Discipleship through TV and Social Media programs, with an exclusive focus on Evangelizing and discipling ex-Muslims.
  7. Pray for the various discipleship efforts and training of new (ex-Muslim) leaders, mainly within the Islamic world.
  8. Pray for ex-Muslims who become missionaries among their own people.  This is a big challenge!
  9. Pray for second-generation ex-Muslims in Muslim-majority countries.
  10. Pray for those persecuted in their workplaces because of their faith.
  11. Pray for employment opportunities for ex-Muslims because, when they convert, they usually lose their jobs and it becomes very difficult to provide for the home and family.
  12. Pray for those Muslims who discover the truth about Christ and the lies about Islam, but find it very difficult to make a decision for Christ for fear of the consequences—for fear of abandoning a lifetime of devotion, of friendships, of prestige, etc.—and embrace a new faith which has always been seen as being a lie and deceitful.
  13. Pray that ex-Muslims will be wise and prudent about new life in Christ.  Sometimes keeping their identity secret is the best thing for both their safety and that of others. But there are places and circumstances in which they must boldly share their faith, so, wisdom and prudence are essential.
  14. Pray for those who are expelled from their homes because of their faith in Christ, who leave their countries, leaving everything behind and who can never return to their homeland.
  15. Pray for ex-Muslim refugee brothers and sisters around the world.
  16. Pray for those who are in prison because of their faith in Christ.
  17. Pray for those who are currently in captivity by the Islamic State (ISIS) and other terrorist groups.
  18. Pray for the ex-Muslim Kabiles of Algeria (the level of persecution against them has increased in recent months).
  19. Pray for our ex-Muslim brothers, that, although under strong persecution, they may they persevere and be faithful until death.  (Revelation 2:10)
  20. Pray for women who are kept in private prison after their families have discovered their faith in Christ.
  21. Pray for unmarried women who accept Jesus. When families find out they have converted to Christ, many are forced to marry a Muslim, because the Muslim husband forces her to return to the Islamic faith.
  22. Pray for married women who accept Jesus. When they are discovered, they are usually abandoned by their spouses and their children are taken away from them. This is very difficult.
  23. Pray for all Christian women from Muslim backgrounds because, sometimes, when family members discover they have been converted, many suffer sexual abuse, some of them being raped by their own blood brothers.
  24. In this time of pandemic, many local governments have offered help to the population, especially food for the hungry. However, in many places the distribution of food was prohibited to Christian families. Among countries where this practice has occurred is Pakistan.
  25. Pray for protection from Covid-19 and for support and healing for those who are sick from the Corona Virus and other illnesses.

“Because, although walking in the flesh, we do not fight according to the flesh.  Because the weapons of our militia are not carnal, but powerful in God, to destroy strongholds. “ 2 Corinthians 10: 3-4

4 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

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  2. Mohamed Turay says:

    Please, pray for me because, I am suffering from PSTD since I was 15 years old. Presently I am practicing Christianity. I am from a Muslim background.

  3. Brian Mallalieu says:

    Your counsel in item 5 is neither the way the early Ekklesia (‘church’ is the wrong unique word given by the Holy Spirit!) at the beginning multiplied faster than ever since, but also not how the very experienced ‘Joshua Project’ (JP) advises! As you rightly state it is often against the local law, but worse still ‘kicks into your goal’ of making disciples, that make disciples (as we were commanded to do). Crucially & vitally, as JP so very wisely advises/counsels, new seekers should only be discipled within their own cultures, communities & families, to avoid the obvious, repelling accusation of a ‘western/foreign’ religion imposing their own spiritual culture and practices (& even songs/hymns!) on them.  That includes, please especially note, NOT inviting them to your fellowship to be ‘discipled’ in your ways!  JP so rightly & succintly sums up what our approach should be by saying:
    “Whoever goes to them needs to remember that they are to take Christ to them;
    not try to get them to join a “foreign” community as represented by a church building.”
    — Amen!
    (If necessary, in the current viral plague environment, that will utilise God’s gift of technology to fulfil as many of these functions safely and securely in accord with national guidelines.)  I would therefore also strongly encourage your involvement of JP in disciple-making for prayer, know-how of targeted mission & holistic encouragement. 

    I would like to send you more details if interested & please respond via my contact.

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